Sunday, March 30, 2008

He Who Lives In A Glass House..

I'm not sayin' I'm a fan of Farrakhan or that I even agree with him but in this specific instance, he went in on Mike Wallace kinda hard..(no mo)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

No Love..

Straight Hilarious..



***Sorry for the youtube overload but these clips had me dyin'.. after the chaos last night at the spot, I Could use a good laugh.. More on that in a later post..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays

This past week I've been puttin' together my first mixtape in over a year, which is a commission from a pretty well known print magazine. (Hopefully i'll be able to let the cat out the bag soon enough..) While I can't say which mag, I can say the concept is based around the greatest Hip Hop collabo's of all time. When I started pickin' songs for it, one of the obvious ones I knew had to be on the jumpoff was LL Cool J's I shot Ya remix. This record was arguably Uncle L's peak, as nothing he did after that had hardly as much emphasis. (You could say 4,3,2,1 was flames but he cheated on that.. Can-I-Bus wrote his verse first n LL came through n torched him with unlimited time to write his verse...) Not only did L rip but Joey Krills came wit flames (prolly courtesy of some ghostin' from a lil' known Big Pun at the time) and besides Prodigy's show stealin' verse, it was the intro to the Ill Nana herself and you can't front, whoever wrote that for her killed it. HaHa.. Well that record was one of those that sent me diggin' upon hearin' that sick loop and I actually didn't end up going far as the album by Lyn Collins "Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now" was already in the collection. This album was full of funky joints as one would come to expect from an album produced by the soul man himself James Brown!

Lyn Collins - "Put It On The Line"


I Shot Ya Remix Video


Lyn Collins Live In Zurich

*Now I just gotta finish this damn mix..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Celeb watch Lazy Sunday Edition..

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sharon Stone

Tara Reid

Jlo and Marc Anthony

Johnny Depp

John Travolta

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson

Pamela Anderson

Hillary Duff

Gwen Stefani

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zita

Cameron Diaz

Britney "Gimmie More" Spears

Victoria & David Beckham

Ashley Simpson

Paris Hlton

Tom Cruise

*The Tom Cruise Pic takes the cake..


Happy Easter.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Needs..

Any leads are greatly appreciated. Gracias.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Song.. aka Original Flava Tuesdays

For this joint I chose to shed light on a song I actually play in the crib more often than the hip-hop version it was sampled by. The song is called "My Song" by Labi Siffre sampled by Kanye West on the aforementioned "I Wonder" off his recent smash "Graduation" (and for the record I dig "I Wonder" a lot so it's no diss to Ye's joint). Well Labi isn't new to the sample game but he's always been a lil iffy about what he clears..
For Eminem's single "My Name Is," Dre tried to sample Labi's song "I Got The ..." off the album "Remember My Song".  Siffre objected to what he describes as "lazy writing" on Em's part..(in the sleeve notes of the EMI re-mastered CD of the source album Remember My Song): "Attacking two of the usual scapegoats, women and gays, is lazy writing. If you want to do battle, attack the aggressors not the victims".
Tough words by homie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact homie's openly gay and been living with his civil partner for like 44 years. Funny but in hindsight, Kanye comin' out the closet for his gay uncle or cousin a while back may have been just another instance of things working in his favor..

Labi Siffre - "My Song"

* Homie Labi on his technology game too. peep his blog..

** Sidebar: Ski had used the "I Got The.." sample for Jiggaman's "Streets Is Watching" off a European compilation like 4 years earlier than Dre. Funny thing is I remember buying that comp in London and thinkin' I had found shangri-la as I was sure noone had it back home, the net wasn't poppin' like that as recent as 10 years ago.. Me having just copped an mpc2000 was officially on my producer shit.. Well I remember like it was yesterday landing in JFK and gettin' in the cab and askin the cabdriver to throw on hot 97.. It happen to be mixmaster weekend and my homie S&S was going in crazy on a new Jay joint... There went my big find..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy Sundays


I don't really know what to think or feel about this. So I guess they let him rock with the word on national TV. Somebody should show lil' homie Nassir this clip.. Now is it me or does it seem like Nas has an album title but no actual music to go with it? I swear Mims still had a record deal and kids was still doing the Superman when he announced his master plan to shock & awe the world and still not even a hint of a snippet leak... Am I buggin'??

Not for nuttin' but John had Yoko beatin' the shit outa that djembe..

* I know its Lazy Sunday and this isn't an actual site but it's my house dammit, I can change the menu without notice..

Friday, March 14, 2008


NFL Superbowl Edition

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays

Ok so to keep me focused on this bloggin' thing, I figured i'd fall in line with every other blog out there and make themes for certain days and I decided on Tuesdays I'm going to post what I call Original Flavas. It's pretty self explanatory but for the sake of clarity here it is.. I'm basically going to post an original sample or break to a song that you may not immediately recognize the origin of...
For this first one I'm going with the break used on The Jiggaman's "Roc Boys" off of American Gangster. Those horns you hear are from The Menehan Street Band's "Make the Road by Walking". The Menehan Street Band is actually a "supergroup" consisting of members of the El Michels Affair (Wu-Tang replays, Raekwon fame), The Dap-Kings (background in a sec), and Antibalas. Tommy Brenneck, guitarist for El Michels Affair and the Dap-Kings, formed the group with Homer Steinweiss and recorded the tracks in the basement of his Brooklyn apartment, on Menehan street, hence the name. Leon Michels, founder of Truth & Soul records and El Michels Affair (Google them, they're keeping the classic soul vinyl movement alive), composed the horn line with trumpeter Dave Guy of Dap-Kings fame. Thats a whole bunch of people yall never heard of but just to put it in layman's terms, The Dap Kings played a majority of the instrumention on miss Rehab herself, Amy Winehouse's super grammy winning album. That should give you an idea of how nice they are...

The Menehan Street Band - "Make the Road by Walking"

* Big Shout to my man Sean C..

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Sundays

When I went to peep "I Am Legend" in the theater I was kinda hyped. I had read a script for one of the previous adaptations to Richard Matheson's novel (and na I didn't read the book, I'm not a sci-fi book fan..I rather watch the flick). I never did catch either of the previous 2 films released but the script was set in San Fran so i knew it was gon' be somewhat different. At the end of the "mini" movie (I swear it was short as shit, no Liberace.) I was disappointed. Will went out real wack. Why not at least open the glass door chuck the grenade and give it a run for it?? I had read somewhere that there was an alternate ending but the WB decided to change it after initial screenings had people disappointed at the ending. Where the hell do they screen these flicks at? Well I just came across the alternate or I guess original version. I kinda dig this a lil more. From a conceptual standpoint I kinda appreciated the fact they humanized the zombies a lil, they were human at one point after all. Am I buggin??

* R.I.P B.I.G..

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Don't Make This Stuff Up aka "Lazy Sundays"

From time to time I'm known to sit and surf the web endlessly for no reason and every now and then I come across some weird and nutty stuff on the info superhighway.. I figure since that pretty much describes a majority of my Sundays I'd dedicate said day to hit yall with some of those very pages. This first one tripped me out not only cuz of it's title but rather cuz of the fact a majority of the ish it says is dead on.. am I buggin??

Stuff White People Like

In the spirit of fairness and so I won't possibly offend the 3 white friends I have, I did try and but neither turned up any sites.. actually redirected me to but the page failed to open..thats enough www's for today..