Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Sundays

When I went to peep "I Am Legend" in the theater I was kinda hyped. I had read a script for one of the previous adaptations to Richard Matheson's novel (and na I didn't read the book, I'm not a sci-fi book fan..I rather watch the flick). I never did catch either of the previous 2 films released but the script was set in San Fran so i knew it was gon' be somewhat different. At the end of the "mini" movie (I swear it was short as shit, no Liberace.) I was disappointed. Will went out real wack. Why not at least open the glass door chuck the grenade and give it a run for it?? I had read somewhere that there was an alternate ending but the WB decided to change it after initial screenings had people disappointed at the ending. Where the hell do they screen these flicks at? Well I just came across the alternate or I guess original version. I kinda dig this a lil more. From a conceptual standpoint I kinda appreciated the fact they humanized the zombies a lil, they were human at one point after all. Am I buggin??

* R.I.P B.I.G..

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Hasan said...

i can see how people would rather see will smith blow himself up than do the humane thing. i like this ending better!!