Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays

This past week I've been puttin' together my first mixtape in over a year, which is a commission from a pretty well known print magazine. (Hopefully i'll be able to let the cat out the bag soon enough..) While I can't say which mag, I can say the concept is based around the greatest Hip Hop collabo's of all time. When I started pickin' songs for it, one of the obvious ones I knew had to be on the jumpoff was LL Cool J's I shot Ya remix. This record was arguably Uncle L's peak, as nothing he did after that had hardly as much emphasis. (You could say 4,3,2,1 was flames but he cheated on that.. Can-I-Bus wrote his verse first n LL came through n torched him with unlimited time to write his verse...) Not only did L rip but Joey Krills came wit flames (prolly courtesy of some ghostin' from a lil' known Big Pun at the time) and besides Prodigy's show stealin' verse, it was the intro to the Ill Nana herself and you can't front, whoever wrote that for her killed it. HaHa.. Well that record was one of those that sent me diggin' upon hearin' that sick loop and I actually didn't end up going far as the album by Lyn Collins "Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now" was already in the collection. This album was full of funky joints as one would come to expect from an album produced by the soul man himself James Brown!

Lyn Collins - "Put It On The Line"


I Shot Ya Remix Video


Lyn Collins Live In Zurich

*Now I just gotta finish this damn mix..

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