Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays

Ok so to keep me focused on this bloggin' thing, I figured i'd fall in line with every other blog out there and make themes for certain days and I decided on Tuesdays I'm going to post what I call Original Flavas. It's pretty self explanatory but for the sake of clarity here it is.. I'm basically going to post an original sample or break to a song that you may not immediately recognize the origin of...
For this first one I'm going with the break used on The Jiggaman's "Roc Boys" off of American Gangster. Those horns you hear are from The Menehan Street Band's "Make the Road by Walking". The Menehan Street Band is actually a "supergroup" consisting of members of the El Michels Affair (Wu-Tang replays, Raekwon fame), The Dap-Kings (background in a sec), and Antibalas. Tommy Brenneck, guitarist for El Michels Affair and the Dap-Kings, formed the group with Homer Steinweiss and recorded the tracks in the basement of his Brooklyn apartment, on Menehan street, hence the name. Leon Michels, founder of Truth & Soul records and El Michels Affair (Google them, they're keeping the classic soul vinyl movement alive), composed the horn line with trumpeter Dave Guy of Dap-Kings fame. Thats a whole bunch of people yall never heard of but just to put it in layman's terms, The Dap Kings played a majority of the instrumention on miss Rehab herself, Amy Winehouse's super grammy winning album. That should give you an idea of how nice they are...

The Menehan Street Band - "Make the Road by Walking"

* Big Shout to my man Sean C..

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