Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super Duper Size Me!!!

Over in Japan, McDonald’s has released something called a Mega Mac, which is like 50 beef patties and 100 slabs of cheese between two sticks of butter or something. And apparently they have one for every meal of the day. So some girl named Khalilah who had never had a Big Mac in her life decided to eat nothing but Mega Macs all day (she had a whopping three, big deal) and see how she felt. Here are some of her reactions.
I’m tired, with low energy, irritable, and I have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, with a metallic taste in my mouth after eating.

How in blazes was I to eat a hamburger that had four slices of meat, three slices of bread, a slice of cheese, and limp lettuce and pickles?

Even after the huge meal I felt no satisfaction at all. Just lazy, guilty, nauseated, and sleepy.

During this interesting but health detrimental quest, I learned that nothing beats a home cooked meal, that fast food is a definite killer, and that “you are what you eat.”

Today was a mega tired day, a mega nauseous day, and a mega upset stomach day.

* This broad is mega bootleg. She was just lookin for attention as I doubt you can go through these feelings from one day of simply eating 3 mega macs.. Somebody gotta tell her they did the flick "Super-Size Me" already and doubt anyone's interested in a sequal.

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