Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays

So a few months back I came across this youtube clip. It was a scene from Prince's film "Under The Cherry Moon." In the scene there's a wedding performance where they proceed to play a funky drum track n baseline while reciting some lines from Planet Rock. The drum track n baseline they play became one of the most classic breaks of all time in my opinion; Biz's "This Is Something For The Radio." This was one of the songs I recall runnin' to death at my man titi's crib when I first discovered djaying.. Marly Marl is a genius..

*Technically there isn't an audio wave version to this break so I was forced to post yet another youtube clip. I plan on going anti-youtube for May so stay tuned for that.. I just got a nikon d40 so maybe ill just post random images of the hood and birds n trees all throughout May.. we'll see..

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