Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Original Flava Tuesdays.. Squeeze Me [II]

I love ill concept videos and this right here is one.. The group responsible goes by the name Kraak and Smaak and they're the latest in the trend of European Electro DJ/Producer groups puttin' some pretty creative stuff out to get grabbed by corporate America for marketing purposes.. In this case the company being Rhapsody.. peep the commercial below

P.S. The original record used for this is Johnnie Taylor's "You're the Best Girl in the World" off of his 1976 album Eargasm. I know for a fact I have this in the archives but am extra lazy to connect the external and bounce the mp3 yada yada.. maybe I'll do it tonite if I have nothing better to do..

UPDATE: As promised, heres the original sample..

Johnnie Taylor - "You're the Best Girl in the World"

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