Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. 26.2

A week ago Sunday I had the honor of running in the New York City Marathon. I've been a member of NYRR (New York Road Runner) going on 3 years now and had to run 9 races of varying distances from 3 to 13 miles in a 12 month span in order to qualify for the Marathon (I had actually qualified last year but injured myself 3 weeks prior to the race so I was forced to defer to this year).
Now I've djayed in front of 3000 plus people as far away as Helsinki, Finland. Helped build the second greatest (after D&D of course) recording studio in HipHop History, Baseline. I've had the pleasure of knowing and watching the greatest of all time (of course Hov) do his thing in the studio on numerous occasions. While in college at Syracuse I even had the unique priviledge to coach a basketball intramural college team of friends with 5 starters who actually all went on to play in the NFL(including Donovan Mcnabb). I say all that, not to front, but to say this.. none of those high points in my life thus far can come remotely close to the emotional feeling that came with running the New York City Marathon. The exhilaration of crossing that line is a feeling I hope I never forget.. While I had a goal of completing the race under 4 hours, I managed a 4:15 finish time and lost to Puff's time of 2003 by 1 minute an 1 second.. lol

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