Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a Nike Head..

Anyone that knows me knows my affinity for sneakers.. I've been doing them for as long as I can remember and this was before the late 90's boom and before the camp outs.. I remember going to Syracuse for school in '94 and the first weekend there going to a sneaker store in downtown South Salina and literally buying out this old asian mans stock in my size.. he had some real gems like Bo Jacksons, Hi-top Airs and my grail at the time, Mark Jackson Nike Pumps with the clear plastic box (which I still have to this day..) Anywhere I went to dj I made 2 mandatory stops.. local record shops and local sneaker spots.. Me & J-live killed a store back in '96 in Helsinki.. I had to leave vinyl behind to make space for the pickups.. haha.
Air Force 1's have always been a favorite ( along with Air Max 90's AFIII's and Adidas Superstars & Metro Atittude Hi's to name a few..) Recently I fell back on the sneaker game mostly cuz of over-saturation and my displeasure with Nike's handling of the 25th anniversary of the Air Force 1 (I didn't cop one release, they were all wack) But slowly the hype's been dying down and cats are movin' on to Supra's and anything else Weezy wears so I started taking notice of releases again. Then along came the Slam Jams.. These bad boys (pictured above in all 4 colors, made for a store in Paris) really got me going again and now I'm back full blown..

The 2 pictured above are snowboard boot inspired Air Force 1 Hi's (which I wish nike did more of) and the second one in particular is by The graffitti legend Stash..

These right here were the Black Friday catch.. Clark Kent did his thing on designing these bad boys..

Last but not least are these 1 World Air Force 1's designed by Busy P, a french electro DJ. He really did his thing on these. He didn't take them too serious and went with whatever he was feeling at the time and the result is a funky shoe.
I know my photography sucks but I should be getting some "help" soon from someone so lets see if the future images improve.. haha..

I'll be posting my pickups regularly so stay tuned..

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Anonymous said...

yea meng its really good to see the sneaker craze dying down... i'm getting into nike's again!