Monday, September 22, 2008

R.I.P Yankee Stadium

Ok, while I'm a die hard Met fan, I am ultimately a general baseball fan and New Yorker above all and actually frequented Yankee Stadium much more than I ever did Shea. I grew up 10 minutes away across McCombs Dam Bridge and had so many childhood memories.. From the afterschool program trips to the nosebleeds sponsored by Con Edison to gettin' a free entrance into the Bleachers whenever I wanted thanks to my good friend's uncle working the gate.. I eventually got to be a part of and sit the bench in the CHSAA high school all star game and a few years later got to put to good use an American League pass to enter for free and have any open seat in any American League ballpark which I bummed off my peoples Kevin Shand (from my Nervous Records days) who had a roomie that worked for the League.. I went to like 20 Yankee games that
I still jog around the stadium every so often and its hard to believe its gonna close. Needless to say, I have many memories of Yankee Stadium and it is definitely a sad day..

Frank Sinatra - "New York, New York"

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