Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Tight Clothes Campaign..

Meet the Thug Slaughter Force. These dudes have taken it upon themselves to defend the oversized ("This tee is big enough for the both of us, Boo") mantra that has prevailed for like ever in Hip Hop and has just recently began to fade in favor of the retro 80's tight gear in style at the moment with the kiddies.. If these dudes had a lick of skills they mighta been onto something. I'm pretty sure Dem Franchize Boyz woulda jumped on the wagon right quick since they smash "White Tee" was solely based on the gown sized tee lifestyle.. Peep the village voice article here.

For those who prefer the direct visual, here's their video:

* Oddly enough, they've included Jim Jones in they're campaign as a poster boy for tight clothes.. hahaha.. I recall Jim getting at Kanye for wearing super tight denim.. Wonder how he feels about this..

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