Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let Me Explain..

Ok, its been a few days since my last post.. I had a pretty long weekend with little sleep let alone time to sit in front of the lappy long enough to pump out a post.. Initially I was a bit disappointed in myself but eventually realized it wasn't such a bad thing.. Sometimes it's important for us to all disconnect at one point or another and live life..
Me and my kok brethren had a lil jumpy on Saturday night and I had mixed feelings on the turnout.. I thank all those who came out immensely (Ant, Chino, Chitty, Keif, Moni, Joel & crew, Alex Cespedes and her friends, Ty, Dark and 6 block city, Rikeswon, How, Mel, Nicole and the Met batboy, Michelle & crew and dude who was breakdancin' from 11pm right till the lights went on at 3:45.. if i missed you blame it on the brain, not the heart!) It was a decent look in the spot, but Ima keep it 100 and say I was disappointed in certain people who call themselves "fam" that decided not to show. The disappointment comes from the fact I guess I considered them such as well. That along with a few other recent incidents brought me to thinkin' about how loosely we throw that term around.. Ima make it a point to chill wit the use of that terminology as well as my loose consideration of people as such.. Ultimately though, rockin' a party with both Rah and Noodles together was a first for us as a unit and that was prolly the most fun I've had spinnin' in a long ass time.. Well Sunday mornin, on 2 hours sleep I had a 5 mile race in central park for road runners and that was tough.. I manned up and posted my best time this year so far..
This is prolly more info than I've written in quite some time on here and thats kinda deliberately.. I sat down yesterday and analyzed the direction this blog has taken since its inception and while its been a good representation of my comedic side, I've slacked on sharing insight on me personally and even on what it was initially intended for; to showcase my joy of music. So today I decided to make a conscientious effort to do just that. I'll try to be a lil more open with the few people that read this and ima try to post alot more personal music related stuff.. Thanks to any and everyone that checks this out even casually.. Obama just kicked an amazin' ass speech and the Tylenol with codeine my moms hooked me up wit for this migraine i been havin' is kickin' in about now so ima stop this here but thats my word, ima post some music tommorrow and ill try to go back to the old designated day posts I fell off on like Original Tuesdays etc.. as well as ramble from time to time (ill pick a designated day for that too) so please stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm tearing up son lol naw that was nice and i agree with bringin it back to the music.

p.s. "i had a blast saturday night watching white guy dance lol and for all those "fam" that didn't show you missed out" and thats a direct quote from cespedes studios LOL!

alexa ;)