Thursday, April 10, 2008

Super O Meets The Loser!!

So I get a text from my man Otis this mornin' saying "Yo pick up the Daily News today.." Now O ain't really the jokin' or playin' type so when he say something, I kinda know it's for a reason. So I go get the paper and on page 4 is a story about this mega loser. Dude's been arrested 53 times for molesting women on the subway. 53 times! I mean, that means he sat in the bullpen 53 times, went in front of a judge 53 times, walked out of 100 centre street 53 times.. Mindbogglin' to me.. I mean that would make dude an expert at the nyc correctional facility process.. I guess after the first 20 times it looses it's awe factor.. Read the entire article here.

Well if that aint nutty enough, one of the arresting officers (see above pic) is none other than my man Otis! The same Otis who, if any of you are close to me would know, my group PS did a song about on "The Experience" album (which is still available in very limited quantities with limited edition artwork packaging, get at me!). It was more of a Ray58 solo joint where he spits a letter Otis wrote him and his response to him while stationed as one of the initial troops out in Iraq. He was even on like CNN and CBS when they had camera crews n reporters following the troops those first few weeks of the "war".. Along with bieng a transit cop and having served in Iraq, Otis was also a member of the NYS police for I think a lil' over a year. I mean theres gotta be an award or sumthin' for all that damn public service. The Otis award.. Am I buggin'??
Segway time.. I figured it's only right I post the song for your listenin' pleasure..

Here's the prelude (which is a good sincere convo piece between us and O upon his return from Iraq) as well as the song itself.. 5 minutes of your life total.. Listen if you haven't heard them yet and tell me what you think whether good or bad.. Personally I think my man Ray went in crazy on this joint.. but thats just me..

PS - "Otis Prelude"

PS - "Otis"

* Shameless plug time. If you haven't purchased it yet you can get the album here.

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