Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lazy Sundays..

This is some more disturbing proof of what we dealing with in this age of Information Technology. I can't front, I laughed at first but as it went on, I realized this kid really put alot of effort, almost 8 minutes worth of video, into posting this and had to have someone with much greater knowledge than him orchestratin' it... What this kid needs is some direction.. He's better in front of the camera and at reading cue cards than anyone I seen on Good Day New York.. Oh, and dude who's reposting it is a fool in more ways than one. He seems genuinely disturbed, yet he's reposting this kids stuff through his account which will probably extend shorty's 15 minutes of fame.. All of a sudden Hip Hop is to blame.. Cuz homie was recitin' Public Enemy Lyrics wit a Fight The Power tee on and a KRS poster in the background right?? How did he come across World Star HipHop in the first place?? Is he a closet rap over?? I'm buggin' that homie has a falic symbol for a mic.. do you just cop those at best buy??

*Someone please tell this kid that Bush has less than 10 months left in office.. It would be really worthless at this point for him to "take the trash out" by offin' George Dubya then himself in the process.. besides, if you peep any recent news story about Dubya, he's started his farewell tour early as everywhere he's spoken in public, he's resorted to comedic relief in the hopes of softenin' his image as he prepares to exit stage left.. I say don't let the dirty door knob hit you where the good lord split ya!

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