Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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This letter was real and sent to Dr. MLK by the bumbling idiots at the FBI.. What'd they think, that he was gonna off himself cuz they sent this to him? it reads like a hatin' ass fool wrote it.. I came across this story on cnn where it describes how the FBI basically was on MLK ass 24/7-365 via wiretaps everywhere and anywhere he was. It even talked about the hate then director of the FBI Hoover especially had for MLK.. You think it had anything to do with MLK's "private" life? (which the article says to have been something the FBI had come across on a number of occasions through its surveillance) I say that cuz the longstanding rumor was that Hoover was gay so watchin' a man like MLK as strong as he was in his community do his thing with women (and for the record im not displayin' an opinion or stance on MLK's known infidelities) prolly ain't sit well wit ol' Fruity Hoovy.. who knows, maybe he was feelin' MLK? hahaha i'm kiddin.. but really, maybe?

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